Viara is an industry leader in the talent management field, providing  a wide range of technical and professional services to help each individual achieve access in their field, and in their personal lives as well.


You never know how far you can go with the right support.


Talent Booking and On-Location Services

We fully understand the demands of on-location shooting and event hosting places on our clients especially when the venue is located outside of the client's base area. Therefore we offer a variety of services to ensure that our clients can focus their energies on delivering an excellent performance.

Brand Creation

Each of our Electronic Press Kits (EPK) are uniquely designed to address the style and information requirements of our clients. Each EPK is a high-resolution PDF with a small file size that allow the document to be forwarded by text message or email.

Graphic Design and Web Presence Support

We are constantly creating generating graphics for print and online support of our client's needs. We also maintain our own web servers to host and maintain client websites and store and digital media distribution.

Contract review and Intellectual Property Support

We take great pride in ensuring that our clients fully understand the language and obligations of contracts that they are signing. Our legal expertise also covers the area of protecting our client's intellectual property rights.