Advanced Image Correction

Nearly all published images have been enhanced to direct the viewer’s focus on the subject of the shot and not the unimportant details. ¬†This often requires complex digital removal of the distracting elements using a variety of advanced Photoshop techniques.

advanced image correction - remove background elements
advanced image correction
advanced image correction - remove background elements
Advanced Image Correction - Remove Background Elements

Graphic Design

We leverage nearly 20 years of experience in Photoshop and Illustrator to create custom digital and print content for a wide range of clients.

New Business Development & Brand Management

Electronic Press Kits

Electronic Press Kits (epk) are an invaluable tool to quickly distribute packaged content to casting directors, agents, brand managers, etc.

Electronic Press Kit for Gia Simone
Electronic Press Kit for Gia Simone
Electronic Press Kit for Elise Alexandria
Electronic Press Kit for Michelle Andrickson
Electronic Press Kit for Nikita Marie

e-Commerce & Website Design

Parallel to the rise of social media platforms, websites continue to be a driving force in delivering consistent income and landing gigs.
website for ashlai lafrance

Social Media Strategy & Planning

Social media is not free.  Effective social media success requires significant time and effort to deliver consistent results.

Social Media Strategy

New Merchandise Development

Merchandise sales are frequently a consistent form of income for talent. We can quickly create custom designs in-house and then maximize profitability by leveraging high-volume, 3rd-party printing companies to keep overhead costs and inventory very low.